Spinning Tales-The Written Word

“It’s not what you remember, it’s how you remember it!”

The last spin for Quadzilla Spins3! I get it, you need a break from spinning and listening to awesome music. Welcome to Spinning Tales. Here you will find a collection of (look for new additions as the muse moves me) personal stories, book/movie reviews, musings, rants, and even some comedy; well, I think they’re funny. Sit back, put your jammies on, and enjoy. For your convenience, each entry has a letter in brackets next to its title to indicate the type of writing: (H) – Humor; (E) – Essay; (S) – Story; (F) – Fiction; (R) – Review

A Reflection (R/E)

Depending on who you talk to, retirement is considered as either a panacea of a life lived, or the road (short or long) to the end. If you are reading this as a retiree, you know exactly what I mean. If you are still gainfully employed. . .well, you’ll see. It is also a time … Continue reading A Reflection (R/E)

On the Couch (S)

. . .Or sofa, depending upon how you roll, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Do you ever find yourself wondering about something that is so normalized in your life, something that has been engraved into your brain so deeply that you have never given it an extra thought, let alone ruminate on how it … Continue reading On the Couch (S)

The Golden Years (H)

I never really gave the phrase “the golden years” much thought when I was a young man, but now that I have reached those years, it got me thinking. The term, I’ve since discovered, refers to turning 65 and retiring, although the days of working at one job for 40+ years, getting a “gold” watch, … Continue reading The Golden Years (H)


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