On the Road in France

Hi all! My name is North a.k.a. “Quadzilla,” and I have been a avid cyclist for as long as I can remember. From short hops to the grocery to 350+ mile cycling camping trips, I have done it all and continue to do so. My introduction to spinning began in the mid 90s, as a way to get in shape. It was short-lived (about a year), but the bug had been planted. It was during that year of three-days-a-week classes that I nicknamed one of the instructors “Quadzilla” because she used to torture us with a great deal of hill climbing. Now you know where the name for the site comes from! My addiction to spinning began about six weeks after having both my hips replaced, necessitated by years of sports abuse – hockey, football, baseball, skiing, tennis, squash – and my hips saying: “Yeah, about all that abuse, we’re done!” I started slowly at first, but after a few months I was spinning six days a week! Although I have cut back slightly, I’m still spinning and rocking out to the music three days a week.