Spinning-Bikes and Music

For me, the most important part of a great spin is the music! The music you spin to, should not be chosen as a means to achieve a result. It should be what I like to call: choreographed spin instruction (CSI). I hope I don’t get sued! Of course, spinning by yourself at home is not for everyone. Some people need the motivation of an instructor and the shared experience of others in a class, and there is nothing wrong with that. My spin lists (I have over 100 and continue to add new ones) are designed and ordered in a way to simulate as closely as possible an outdoor bike ride on varied terrain. My lists include music from a wide variety of genres: Dance, EDM, Electronic, House, Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, and some Classic Rock, with a noticeable preference for the first four genres! My pedal rotation and choice of tension (gears) are all governed by whatever song is playing and alters accordingly when the tempo/beat changes. I group songs in my lists to create a great workout and to simulate varied “terrains.” To that end, I created a “Spinning Terrain Guideline” and “Legend,” which provides a graphic look at six different terrains (from flat to mountains) and the corresponding chain tension (C.T.) and pedal rotation (P.R.). Each spin list you download has one of these charts attached.

Burnin’ Calories!

These six terrains are labelled as follows: Quad Burners (Q.B.) – Hills & Mountains; Quad Challenge (Q.C.) – Inclines & Hills; Quad Fitness (Q.F.) – Rolling Inclines & Inclines; Quad Maintenance (Q.M.) – Rolling & Rolling Inclines; Quad Speed (Q.S.) – Flat & Rolling. They are grouped in three categories as follows: 1. Workout Balance (Q.F./Q.C.); 2. Quad Burn (Q.B.); 3. Cardio Overload (Q.S./Q.M.).

For those of you with music subscriptions (I use Apple Music), simply upload the list(s), plug the song title and artist(s) into search, download, and then order them as listed into a playlist and you’re done! All that’s left is to hop on the bike, crank up the volume, and burn, burn, burn!

The lists Below are free!!! However, IF YOU LIKE THE MUSIC you can Make a donation and contribute to my retirement fund! Simply click on the amount below or choose a custom amount, you know, like $10,000,000.00.

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Quad Burners (Q.B.)

Workout Balance (Q.F/Q.C.)

Cardio Overload (Q.S./Q.M.)

The playlists above represent around half of the ones available, with more being created as the muse moves me. If you’ve exhausted all of these, leave a comment and I’ll load more! Happy spinning! Quadzilla.

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