A Standing Ovation! : Revisited

I understand that when something is normally “revisited,” it is after a longer period of time than 15 hours! I posted this musing, minus the revisited, yesterday before 4PM, and the last line of the piece made said the following: “wished that I had saved the clipping,” referring to the newspaper article about the “incident” that appeared in the local newspaper the next day. Well, this morning I woke up to a text from one of my buddies from way back, who was also on this school trip, and it simply said: “I have that clipping, will send it to you later! And of course, a few hours ago he came through with flying colors. After reading it, I got pretty much all of it right!

The title of the piece, which looks like it is either from The Montreal Gazette (1778 – current), or the Montreal Star (1869-1979), is “Students Stir House Into Action.” The byline is United Press International, and the date is: Ottawa, November 9, 1966.

“Students in the public galleries of the House of Commons broke into spontaneous applause yesterday when a Conservative Member of Parliament urged the House “get on” with the nations business…”If the people of Canada are becoming sick and tired of what is going on here it is because of this kind of thing” (the procedural debate) “we have just witnessed.” The article goes on to say: “At this point, the public gallery erupted into enthusiastic applause which scurrying commissionaires” (the ten dollar word for security!) “were unable to quell. Veteran observers in the Press Gallery” (a much more sombre and reserved group than us) “could not remember a previous incident of the public applauding a speech on the floor.”

Yup, that was us, the class of ’68, breaking rules and creating history wherever we went!

Los Angeles 2023

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