The Holy Trinity. . .Revised!

The Holy Trinity

No, I haven’t found religion, far from it, but I am curious by nature so here goes. In general, I tend not to think of myself as religious, superstitious, spiritual, etc., etc., as these are labels, and as such to be avoided at all costs. Unless, of course, you need to know the care instructions for those really expensive jeans you just purchased, these are good labels! To be honest, the only reason I’m even thinking about all this right now is because of a friend, but I digress.

The Trinity, as pictured above will naturally be familiar to many of you as one of the central Christian affirmations about God. The “trinity” I’m proposing is one that investigates the intersection between science, religion, and spirituality.

The Holy Trinity…Revised

Over the years I have come across much discussion on science and religion as well as religion and spirituality, but rarely have I seen discussions about all three. According to one source I’ve found, science is based on facts and as such cannot be absolute because as we gather more facts the science changes. Religion requires one to follow certain principles and practices and these have been designed based on scientific principles. Being spiritual means designing and executing our actions without ego.

All very interesting indeed, but now the friend I mentioned earlier. We were having lunch not too long ago when she asked me if I had ever noticed anything interesting when I stood in a particular spot on Sunset Blvd. just west of Vermont Ave. in Los Angeles. This particular stretch of Sunset is home to the medical offices I frequent, so I have been to the “spot” in question many times, but the bell did not go off, until she said: “What buildings do you see when you stand there?”


And there you have it, the physical representation of the intersection between science, religion, and spirituality! If you stand in front of the Kaiser sign, in other words at the top of the triangle, and look to the left you see religion and when you look to the right you see spirituality. Sometimes the world unfolds in fascinating ways.

Los Angeles 2022

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