Spinning Tales-The Written Word

The Written Word

The last spin for Quadzilla Spins3! I get it, you need a break from spinning and listening to awesome music. Welcome to Spinning Tales. Here you will find a collection of (look for new additions as the muse moves me) personal stories, book/movie reviews, musings, rants, and even some comedy; well, I think they’re funny. Sit back, put your jammies on, and enjoy. For your convenience, each entry has a letter in brackets next to its title to indicate the type of writing: (H) – Humor; (E) – Essay; (S) – Story; (F) – Fiction; (R) – Review

Poker Night with the Boys (S)

I need to make one thing clear from the start: I am not a gambler. Not by any stretch of the imagination, even though my poker nights with the boys started when I was in my teens!  Yes. I am making a very clear distinction between capital G gambling and a weekly poker game with my friends. How are they different you might ask? Well, for starters, when you start playing poker for pennies at… Continue reading Poker Night with the Boys (S)

The Golden Years (H)

I never really gave the phrase “the golden years” much thought when I was a young man, but now that I have reached those years, it got me thinking. The term, I’ve since discovered, refers to turning 65 and retiring, although the days of working at one job for 40+ years, getting a “gold” watch, and retreating into the sunset is pretty rare. These days, at 65 you’re probably working two jobs and your adult… Continue reading The Golden Years (H)

It’s A Sign Of The Times (E)

On a recent motorcycle road trip, I found myself in Pismo Beach, a central California coast city about halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. As is the case with most coastal cities with beaches and surf, it is part tourist trap and part desirable place to live, if the current cost of housing can be believed – some of the most expensive in the state! The day this photo was taken, it was a… Continue reading It’s A Sign Of The Times (E)

Becoming A Man (S)

On November 30th, 1963 I became a man. There are so many different scenarios that go through one’s mind reading that simple sentence, so many possibilities of life-changing events that might be responsible for ushering in this new phase of a life. Was it reaching a certain age where things became legal and illegal, getting a driver’s license, losing one’s virginity, getting a first job, becoming responsible for one’s self and others? While any of… Continue reading Becoming A Man (S)

America Votes: A Modest Proposal Revisited (E)

It is April 2021, and we are slowly making our collective way to a post-pandemic world, and if that sounds overly optimistic . . .well, you’re probably right. There has been a great deal of chatter and print devoted to how people coped during the lockdowns and closures of our favorite distractions. Firstly, it was panic buying and shortages of things like toilet paper, hand wipes, disinfectant cleaners of any kind and yeast! As a… Continue reading America Votes: A Modest Proposal Revisited (E)

Transformations (S)

In 1979 I was 29 and I was living and working in Montreal, Quebec. I was, at the time, the sales manager for a medium-sized sportswear manufacturer. I had a few friends and acquaintances who were teachers at the local high school whom I hung out with fairly regularly. Over beers one night, Brian mentioned that he and his wife (also a teacher at the school) were organizing an activity for some of the younger… Continue reading Transformations (S)