Q.B. Quad Burns

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If you are interested in purchasing spin lists, you are in the right place. If you are interested in downloading terrain guidelines, you are also in the right place. Welcome!

The spin lists on this page – Q.B.-Quad Burns – are best suited for climbing, hills, mountains. As such, many of the songs are slower in tempo meaning you will be using higher gears and slower pedal rotations. This is represented graphically in the two documents available for download below. Spinning Terrain Guidelines provides an overview of all six terrains and corresponding chain tension (gears) and pedal rotation (tempo). The Spinning Terrain Guidelines – Legend, provides a graphic representation of the terrains. Using the music for a party, these lists are the slow-dance-get-close-and-personal ones! They are provided as tools if you feel the need, or you are just curious as to how my “spinning” brain works!

Spin Terrain Guidelines

Spin Terrain Guidelines-Legend

Each playlist you download will have a Terrain Guideline on the bottom half of the page, only this one is coded with the song numbers assigned to various terrains. A simple rule of thumb is: The more terrains that a song number appears under means that it has more tempo and gear changes than a song that is in fewer terrains. Below is a sample from one of the free lists on the Spinning – Bikes and Music Page.

Sample List

The cost of each list is $5.00 (USD) and will be sent to you once payment is received. My advertising is word of mouth, so spread the word! Use the Contact Page for feedback or you can reach me at north@quadzillabynorth.com Happy spinning!

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